Are You A Lazy Bum?

Dormant Bottom Syndrome

Also known as Lazy Bum Syndrome or “dead butt”

As ‘cheeky’ (…..sorry!) as it sounds; this is a genuine occupational health problem experienced by those spending prolonged periods of time sitting (e.g at computers/working from home).

The hip flexors become tightened and the gluteal muscles become ‘lazy’ through lack of use.

This is likely to be on the increase due to people working in a seated position from home during the pandemic and symptoms include lower back pain and ‘clicky’ knees.

Exercises such as squats and even getting up out of the chair on a regular basis can assist in promoting increased use of the gluteal muscles.

Thankfully Genesis physiotherapy services are on hand to provide guidance and support!!

Please visit our Occupational Health Services for more information

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