Genesis Health & Wellbeing February Plank Challenge

You may have noticed that our blogging page on the website and other social media outlets needs to be more active, and we agree! Erin, our Business Development Manager (BDM), who normally ‘gently’ nudges us to post, has returned from maternity leave and will soon have us all back to being more socially active! 

In addition to being more socially active, we have just completed our internal Genesis OHS ‘Plank Challenge.’ The Plank Challenge is part of our Genesis 2023 Health & Wellbeing Programme. Each month, we encourage each other to maintain healthy or healthier lifestyles with various challenges, including focusing on sleep, hydration, mindfulness and self-care.

The physical planking challenge in February aimed to help strengthen core muscles, abdomen, and hips, improve body balance and boost our mental health. Throughout the month, we successfully built endurance and gradually increased the time we could hold a plank. To prove this, on the last day of the challenge, all those participating undertook the plank challenge in person or via teams. Although some of us could not endure the whole five minutes, all agreed that they felt stronger and noticed improved posture and mood, perfectly setting us up for March’s nutrition and hydration challenges. 

If you want to undertake a physical challenge in the workplace like the Plank Challenge, here are some of our top tips! 

  1. Set clear guidelines: Clearly define the objectives of the challenge.
  2. Encourage participation: Make the challenge accessible to everyone in the workplace, regardless of fitness level or experience. 
  3. Create a supportive environment: Encourage participants to support and motivate each other throughout the challenge. Consider creating a Microsoft Teams group where participants can share their progress and encourage each other.
  4. Monitor progress: Keep track of participants’ progress and provide regular updates (pssst this part is essential); it will help keep participants engaged and motivated throughout the challenge.
  5. Prioritise safety: Ensure participants are informed how to undertake the challenge safely and guide proper form and technique to prevent injury.
  6. Have fun: Remember, the challenge aims to promote physical activity and create a fun and healthy workplace culture. So make sure everyone involved has a positive and enjoyable experience.

If you would like a copy of our Plank Challenge Worksheet or would like to join us on future challenges, please let us know at