Spotlight on Excellence: Meet Our Exceptional Team

Simon Bone


At Genesis Occupational Health & Safety (Genesis OHS), we are privileged to have Simon on our team. Simon is not only an expert in first aid training but also a friendly and approachable trainer who brings a unique energy and passion to his classes. Today, let’s take a moment to get to know Simon and discover why he is an invaluable asset to the team.

Passion for Teaching and Helping Others:

Simon’s journey as a first aid trainer began with a genuine passion for teaching and a strong desire to impact workplace safety. He firmly believes that by providing individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills, he can empower them to respond effectively in emergencies. His interactive and engaging training sessions show Simon’s dedication to helping others.

Approachable and Supportive Nature:

One of the most remarkable qualities that participants appreciate about Simon is his approachable and supportive nature. He creates a comfortable and inclusive learning environment where participants feel encouraged to ask questions, share their concerns, and actively participate in discussions. Simon’s friendly demeanour instantly puts everyone at ease, fostering a collaborative and enjoyable training experience.

Adapting Training to Individual Needs:

Simon understands that everyone has unique learning styles and needs. That’s why he goes the extra mile to ensure that his training sessions cater to the specific requirements of each participant. Whether you are a seasoned professional or new to first aid in the workplace, Simon’s adaptable teaching approach ensures that everyone receives personalised attention and gains the confidence to handle emergencies effectively.

Real-Life Scenarios and Practical Application:

One of the aspects that sets Simon apart as a first aid trainer is his focus on practical application. He believes that hands-on experience is crucial for developing confidence and proficiency. Simon incorporates real-life scenarios into his training sessions, allowing participants to practice their skills and apply their knowledge in a safe and controlled environment. This approach ensures that participants are well-prepared to handle emergencies in the workplace.

Creating a Supportive Learning Community:

Simon understands that learning is not limited to the classroom. He strives to foster a supportive learning community among his participants. By encouraging open communication, collaboration, and sharing of experiences, Simon creates an environment where individuals can learn from one another and build a strong support network. Participants often leave Simon’s training sessions not only with valuable skills but also with lasting connections.


Simon’s friendly nature, passion for teaching, and commitment to creating a supportive learning environment make him an exceptional first aid trainer at Genesis OHS. His dedication to equipping individuals with life-saving skills and fostering a community of empowered first aid responders is commendable.

When you choose Genesis OHS for your first aid training needs, you can rest assured that a friendly and knowledgeable professional like Simon will guide you. For further information on our training courses and dates, please visit ‘Training’ or email